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Tuesday, April 24, 2001Contact: Bob Curran Jr. (212) 521-5326
Quarter Horse Produce Records Now Available Through Equineline

Continuing to enhance the comprehensiveness and availability of American Quarter Horse breeding and racing records, The Jockey Club Information Systems, Inc. (TJCIS) and The American Quarter Horse Association have added Mare Produce Records to the menu of Equineline reports for American Quarter Horses.

Accessible through, the Mare Produce Records join the broad range of American Quarter Horse race records and catalogue style pedigrees already available on an individual report basis.

“Mare Produce Records are a logical next step in the expansion of Equineline content for American Quarter Horse owners and breeders,” said Susan Martin, TJCIS director of sales and marketing. “Upholding our commitment to provide the most thorough and accurate information in one consistent format, we’ve again incorporated the ability to access multi-breed information in a single report for those horsemen who breed and race American Quarter Horses as well as Thoroughbreds.

“Complete produce records are provided for both American Quarter Horse mares as well as Thoroughbred mares which have produced both Thoroughbred and American Quarter Horse foals.”

To order and download Equineline reports for American Quarter Horses, users can either pay as they go via credit card or set up an account and receive monthly billing statements. Users only pay for reports they order.

Further information about Equineline reports for American Quarter Horses is available at; or by calling TJCIS at (800) 333-1778 or (859) 224-2800.