Integrity and Safety


The Horseracing Integrity and Safety Act regulations required a nationwide system that provided treatment submissions to a central authority in addition to commissions with regulations requiring treatment submissions. Designed and developed by InCompass Solutions, EquiTAPS enables attending veterinarians to upload those treatments, procedures, vaccinations and physical evaluations for racing and workouts. EquiTAPS is the successor of the Electronic Treatment Records System, which was a recommendation from the Thoroughbred Safety Committee.

Equine Injury Database

The Equine Injury Database (EID) grew out of a proposal first put forth at the 2006 Welfare and Safety of the Racehorse Summit. Funded entirely by The Jockey Club and designed and developed through its commercial subsidiaries InCompass Solutions and The Jockey Club Technology Services, along with leading regulatory veterinarians in the U.S., the EID is the first national database to record injuries occurring during racing and training. Data from the EID are instrumental in developing injury mitigation strategies for the participating racetracks.

Jockey Health Information System

The Jockey Health Information System is a central database, which is hosted by InCompass Solutions, that stores jockeys’ current medical records so that they are immediately available to medical personnel at racetracks in the event of injury. There are no fees for a track or a jockey to participate.

Pre-Race Veterinary Exam

The Pre-Race Veterinary Exam software, developed and hosted by InCompass Solutions, enables examining vets to track the progress of a horse throughout its racing career. The aim is to provide a history on each horse to enable a vet to determine if an ailment is new and should be watched carefully or is an old injury that has had no ill effect on the racehorse in the past. Racing and workout history is also provided to assist in making race-day decisions on whether to allow a horse to run or not.

Racetrack Surfaces Testing Laboratory

The Jockey Club is a sponsor of the Racing Surfaces Testing Laboratory, a 501 (c)(3) organization that coordinates and carries out testing of racetrack surfaces for racehorses. The lab strives to compare a wide range of surfaces used in the horse racing industry.

Thoroughbred Regulatory Rulings

Thoroughbred Regulatory Rulings was launched in response to recommendations from the 2011 McKinsey study to develop new information resources for the industry. It is a free searchable online database of rulings on Thoroughbred trainers from racing regulatory authorities that was created and is hosted by The Jockey Club.

Thoroughbred Safety Committee

Formed by The Jockey Club in 2008, the Thoroughbred Safety Committee was created to review every facet of equine health and to recommend actions the industry can take to improve the health and safety of Thoroughbreds.